The winds in LA are blowing like crazy, you know – it’s those Santa Ana’s where the Energy as your cozy under your snuggly down comforter has your brain thinking about the world. You can’t help but feel the energy changes so strong. This morning they are powerful, energizing, and yet very quiet, as if – if you speak – you would break the spell.. So today I will keep quiet (except for my writing) listening to the intense winds blows, as things go flying down the alley way.

I could stay on Pinterest all day, and daydream, but there is so much to get done. December a month of wrap up the past year in a hurry, along with – let’s decorate and be merry. A lot, all at once. You know, I would just take it as it comes. Instead of rushing, or feeling pressured because every time you walk into a store there is Christmas music playing. I would get into yourself… take this month to clear up things/matters in a different way. Become your own best friend. Quietly address things you would like to clear up, make a list of things you need help with, and definitely take note of people in your life – that cannot apologize..(more on this later). Now, back to clearing up matters.

I think I have repeated myself so many times, in the last four years being so difficult. In essence your cleaning up four years of stuff, so go easy, and maybe try a different way. Take a creative approach, how would it be fun to clean up papers, where would be a great corner for all your art projects that you have been meaning to start. Simplify first, so your head and space are clear, remember energy is everything.

Let go of old clothes, old kitchen stuff, things in the closet, time to throw it out, give it away or sell it for real. If you really want your life to be different, then you must approach your life differently. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, it’s kind of fun once you get the hang of it, and then .. you can make fun of yourself – which makes all the difference in the world. Being a perfectionist is overrated, it’s in the cooking that is all the fun, and playfulness.

It’s time to get our live’s started, not keep going with the old shit… let it go! Be new, Be you, and seriously, who cares if people don’t like it. We have morphed into such different people – it is almost surreal, everything feels so different and powerful to me. I feel like great changes are coming, and yes – even in the midst of all the Galatic Chaos. Chaos sorts itself out though. You just need to sort yourself out, I don’t know, I kind of like the process, it feels deep, meaningful, and empowering to me. This is the time to use the power/energy of these winds (today literally), but also metaphorically. Use the Energy to shift your life- it’s like using those ropes cowboys use – what are they called Lasso’s?

Anyway, harness your energy, by harnessing the things you want in your life little witches. Being Witchy means being able to use energy to move things around to your liking, and getting rid of – well what you don’t like. You can make up your own rules too. I have one new rule, I am taking into 2017, and that is, I have learned over the past four years.. I really do not want anyone in my life – who can never say the word’s “I am sorry” – there is something very scary and strange about this. It most likely goes deeper, but I feel not being able to say I am sorry would go with a person who has no compassion, or kindness in their heart for people. I found I was saying I am sorry a little too much to people who never had the word’s cross their lips. hmmm. Something to think about, what new rules do you have in your life to keep the integrity of your being safe and boundaries to work your magic admidst your life and the people you love.

Another rule, (my own) – have people around who inspire, and are not competitive, but want to collaborate. Partnering up with be very key as you have probably already noticed. So when you have time – maybe make a list of people you would like to do some sort of project with. Innovation is so key in taking the initiative this year. I would x out the people who are cut throat, and want to step on your head, but it will be so easy to seeing in the coming years who is who. Transparency is just the new “real”.

As far as panicking about Christmas, Holidays, etc. Relax and go about your own timing – you will feel so much better, and if there are timelines – maybe have a priority list. I am finding there are ways to still bring in and live in the magic along with being grounded in the practical day to day. It requires alot more internal work, so you need people around who can respect this, and who actually have the same vibe going on if in the same room, or at a distance. The ebb and flow is great once you get past all the other messiness.

More to come on December, with Love,


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