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Energy Notes have moved into “Synergy Notes”. This is because I heard that now we must be in Synergy – the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Life is different now, no one can deny this. Our beings are different, our lives are changing very quickly. Now that the energy has moved into synergy, you can feel that if you resist and don’t go with your own flow, and your own truth – you will have a difficult time. These New Energies are extreme, and intense. Some of us love it, other’s not so much.

Intensity ~the measurable amount of a property, such as force, brightness, or a magnetic field. Intensity is a force you can ride with if your brave enough. It is here to teach you, not only to dive deep into your own soul’s knowing, but to push you, stretch into the outer bounds of your being. Intensity is a gift ~ but you need to learn to work with it. The way to work with Intensity is to spend time with yourself, sit with it, and don’t be afraid of it. It is a force and power that will move you into focus, and priority, There is a lot being asked of us now, and it’s not easy. It is constant reworking, rethinking, as the energy moves so fast due to so many timelines collapsing rapidly for us to clear ourselves faster and become light bodies.

The whirlwind of intensity one the planet almost leaves me speechless, and believe me I have lived in and, with extreme intense energies since I was a child. It has taught me a lot. It taught me not to be afraid to feel anything, and to express my feelings through whatever outlet my soul wanted to direct itself to. The thing about intensity is you need to sift through a lot, and to capture the energy, beauty and essence of your being and how it wants to express itself, and not care what other people think ~ if you want to be authentic in your own life. This includes not being or looking perfect to everyone all the time. Truth is truth.

The learning to sift through needs to be simplified, and simplifying means moving whatever doesn’t resonate with you – has to be moved out. This is your Soul Power this is how you learn what Your Personal Soul Power is. You decide what stays and what goes. The more you do this – the more your canvas becomes clear to you, while syncing yourself up with all the universal forces and the synchronicity of life.

This Energetic shift began in September as it was like a big wave that pulled everyone back into themselves to review, rest, and realign. However, some people did not understand this and came out on the other side of September dazed and confused. Then, October came in and brought all the power forth along, with very fast moving energy that said, get it together. This is the echo of Saturn coming in to come home to it’s own sign, In December Saturn, the Task Master will enter into Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. This is another shift that you will need to prepare for – Now. On October 10th Jupiter the planet of expansion, came in which as you can see, widened our lenses to the bigger picture and expanded our lives in a split second. The Bigger Picture with Jupiter conjunct Scorpio is one of Tremendous Intensity, but it’s a warm light that shines on us to heal past wounds. This warming light brings healing in many somewhat covered up, and hidden places in our lives. Scorpionic energy always see right through like a laser beam and always gets to the truth.

Use the heat, the passion, the warmth to get deep with yourself and ask yourself – What do I really want to create or have happen in my life, from this place – you begin to sift out people, situations, habits and unconscious behaviors to replace them with joy, happiness, deep soul growth, and an understanding of looking or seeing clearly what is happening on the planet and where you want to be, or what role you want to step into.

There is no denying we are in extreme times, so getting extreme with ourselves seems only appropriate, and what I mean by extreme is using the power of Pluto to dive down and retrieve your own soul that has been held captive by pain, abuse, sadness, anger, resentment etc. Pluto is the Lord of the UnderWorld there is no getting away from the intensity and your own truth now. With the warmth of Jupiter’s energy allow it to bring in Joy so all your pain can be transmuted ~ change in form, nature, or substance. This is a beautiful process if you allow it to organically happen. It means letting go of what or who you think you are, to just be ~ who you are. Travel energetically to that which you are drawn, led, or guided – which means letting go of Control and trusting yourself, and trust in the Universe. It means walking into situations with your soul eyes wide open from here – anything is possible.

Clear everything that you feel you need to… stuff, things, people, places, memories, drama, past hurts, pains, resentments and allow it to be. There is nothing left to do except be yourself, and move from there on whatever you wish to create, but you must release everything so your free.

Many people are exhausted from the World, their schedules, their kids, wrong relationships, being lonely, feeling like they are not loved, or can’t seem to find their way. Sleep more if you need to, exercise more if you needed, eat more, juice more, ask your body what it needs. Get B-12 shots, download some Hemi-Sync You Tubes to balance your left and right brain. Go to a park, the ocean, put your feet in the grass. Look to Nature for answers, just sitting in the grass gives me answers. Ask God, whoever the Divine is for you, but remember – You are God. As a Collective this is being shown more and more.

The darkness on the planet ~ is also consciousness much of it unhealed, wounded and a —— mess, Leave it be in the sense that you cannot save the World, until you save yourself and those around you,then move out into the World. Take time to see that the people you love are cared for with kindness and love – strengthen from the inside out. Take responsibility for yourself, and know that all of this has to come up and out before any of it can be healed.

There is no interference anymore for whatever you want to do. The Energy/Synergy will support you. Ask your Higher Self ~The Higher Self is generally regarded as a form of being only to be recognized in a union with a divine source. The Divine Source Universal Love – Loves You – Love it back in each individual you come across with kindness and honesty,

We are moving into higher by going into deeper levels of honesty, first with ourselves, then other’s, which will bring new levels of intimacy that has been lacking for a very long time. There was no room for it, we have all been grappling with ourselves, and so much turmoil both inner and outer for many years. This is now an opportunity for deep intimacy and healing on every level of our human existence. People will finally loosen their grip on relationships that no longer work, and yes, split or get divorced, because the time for the truth to be with someone who is your partner are now just appearing like magic. No effort, they just show up out of nowhere. They have been doing the work on themselves, so trust in Divine Timing. Not everyone will separate but many will, as the energy of honesty and intimacy increases.

Everyday we wake up to a different energy, you need to be very aware of this, and check in with yourself at all times. We are in a deep mystical, magical time of change, and it is up to us ~all of us. Men are learning different ways to relate to women, and women need to not blame only the men and understand that they too, must find different ways of relating. Abuse comes in many forms and it comes from men and women. The Divine Feminine is rising up not to make women harder feminists, but to realize we are all spirits in human bodies learning to live on a physical plane to have this experience on earth. We need to be much kinder to everyone, and everything starting with ourselves first. Men and Women are learning to use their sexuality in a different way. Creativity, Sex all creative expression needs to be learned in a different way. Jupiter, conjunct Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto will insist on this energetic change. We will begin to relate in such better ways not only more intimate, but with kindness and respect. This will take a minute to unravel, but we are in a huge healing now.

Trust in your life, spirit, the universe ask for all that you want, but be kind and nice – stop being an asshole. When your interacting with someone, you are interacting with yourself so you will want to learn to be nice to yourself.

Many Corporations will be making cuts, but also merging with other big companies. Think of things you would want to do other than 9 to 5 if you feel stuck ~ the World could really use your help right now, so don’t be afraid to take that big risk you have always wanted to take. Once you do, Saturn coming home to Capricorn which again is Saturn conjunct Saturn – this will be the time to Build. So don’t hide your head in the sand, embrace the intensity, once you do ~ you can watch things play out on the big screen with a kind of detachment and you will be able to see and read through everything with no fear.

With Love, Kimlovemuse


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