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March Energy Notes




Photo Copyright~Kim Kamilla “I Dreamed of Earth Series”

March Energies are a mixed Bag, with a lot of moving parts.   As we come out of all the Neptunian Pisces Haze, we roll right into Fire Energy..Aries the God of War is themed now along with Venus, (Love and Money) Mercury (Communication), and Mars planet of War, which is Aries ruler hanging out together just in time for Spring Fever. Passions will be running super high, I am not exaggerating this. Get Ready.

Venus and Mercury roll into Aries – Mars being the ruler things could get heated.  We have the Sun moving into Aries. end of the month and the Spring Equinox.  Jupiter just going Retrograde March 8th to give us a good long look at where we are so far regarding our Scorpionic Issues. which are other people’s resources, loyalty, sex, intimacy, and yes our financial outlook taxes are in there too.  Try to stay calm as the turbulent waters stir emotions of nothing moving fast enough.

Aries likes to Go, Do, Be so expect a big case
of Spring Fever that will make no sense whatsoever.  It could be funny if you stay light, but a lot of “truths” will be unfolding on where people are at, and where they want to be.  Mars ruled Aries does not have a lot of patience nor does it have  a long attention span.  Saturn conjunct Saturn, in Capricorn demands patience, and has been that  sobering  you’ve been feeling hitting all of our What am I doing, where am I going etc.    Things we are building, creating, working on whether it be relationships, business, or projects will begin to show signs of movement, but may have a lot of back and forth review.  Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio is now our Internal World, instead of our External World. Although we will begin to see the results of a lot of what we have been working on since the beginning of the year.

Expect a lot of movement from people moving, marrying, changing  jobs, locations, wanderlust, and surprise inspirations. Aries loves surprises, adventures, and excitement, and there will be a lot of this in the coming months.

Try to strike a balance between work, and play as Aries loves to play, and Capricorn demands we get down to work. Aries and Cappie are both industrious signs but in very different ways.  Aries personality is Idealistic, Adventurous, and craves excitement and newness – all the time.  Think of someone who wants Christmas to be every day of the year-that’s Aries.  Capricorn the Mountain Goat, climbs slowly, requiring, skill, patience, and fortitude.  It is Scrooge, Father time, and extremely Industrious as much as it is serious – this is what Mogul’s are made of. Make sure not to burn out on both ends, and it will be very difficult to balance, especially as all our Love Live’s heat up to the Extreme.

Capricorn’s are usually workaholics, and Aries are the extreme Adventure Seekers. So you have to find a way to make these two work together.  It’s not easy as Saturn energy is Old School Patriarchy, and Uranus is the Galactic rush coming in of A.I. and technology moving very very fast.  Fortunes will be made but in very ingenious ways. Uranus is The Genius, The Inventor, The Rebel. Saturn and Uranus don’t really get on well together.  Saturn wants to stick to the old ways and Uranus want to break through everything to liberate, elevate and free everyone.  Clashes Abound between the old and the New.  I do like the idea of Uranus moving into Taurus though as it is ruled by Venus rather than harsh Mars with Uranus.  Saturn rules the Military, Uranus rules Tech, Innovation, and I would say in some cases – chemicals.

Change will be the game, Big Change for people.  Uranus will begin to move out of the sign of Aries where it’s been for since 2011.   Now in May,  it moves into the sign of Taurus – the Bull. The Bull that doesn’t want to budge.  Uranus is a very abrupt, out of left field planet that brings shocks and surprises.  With Taurus being a Financial sign – this is huge. Watch the Bull Market watch the stock world go insane.  Watch the Financial Market begin to change, the Stock Market spike up and down, Banks scramble to keep from New Currencies entering the New World – they can’t but it will get messy.  Uranus rules technology, so some great announcements about technology to help earth in a positive way, my feeling is it has to do with Water technology due to the other big players this year which is Jupiter in Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Big Spikes in Investments for Projects for the Earth and Technology Advancement, New Inventions. Giant Merger’s with tech companies.  Uranus will for sure bring many Hacker’s to the forefront as well.    Watch the Art World as it will become a big game and go way up in Value, as Venus is the ruler of Taurus a stable long term Investment Sign. Prepare for everyone to be on the move.  Mother Earth will have some shake-up’s as Taurus is an Earth sign.  Think back when Uranus entered Aries we immediately had the Japan Earthquake, as it left the sign of Pisces and the nuclear reactor meltdown March 11, 2011.. that is how Uranus announced  itself into the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. It was a 9.0 EQ.   Uranus will for sure announce itself in May in some Earthly Big Ways especially Earth Wise and Financial – Huge.     We will be out of our Slumber and Wide Awake.  Watch the Earth, Banks, and Technology as major changes coming in.  Over the Summer we have a Mars Retrograde, and a little later a Venus Retrograde.  Brace yourselves this is going to get a little hairy to say the least.  Stay balanced, take your vitamins, get massages, live from your heart fiercely.  Remember this is one big ride and one great time in History Now here come the Serious Changes.  Scorpio, Capricorn do not play.  You can get a lot done this year of 2018 if you keep working and do only what you Love.

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