April Big Leaps in finding our new strides. The beginning of April has been difficult, but actually it’s been difficult since the beginning of 2018. This month is very full emotionally. We resurrect ourselves – into unification with ourselves. These past few weeks have been intense and soul drenching in taking big leaps, it will take some time to get our footing. You will begin to see the change you been attempting to make for years.. in May.

The work that will continue this month is now that we’ve delved deeply into our Soul, and asked ourselves what is it we really want and in having to be very specific. Now all the moving parts of our lives will begin to fall into place. This months energies will require (if you haven’t already) taking parts of your life and restructuring it, whether it be work, money, love, health, fitness, eating, love, relationships or home, and also parents will be important and assisting them in many ways. Somewhere in your life, or maybe all parts – you have had to make a big leap we all have had to do this. The end of March brought a feeling of – I don’t want to be doing this anymore. It could be you want to continue doing what you love, however, it needs to be done a different way – or different altogether. Something, Somewhere, or Someone has not been working, and painfully we have had to face the truth in either parts or, all of our lives. So.. big Reconstruction projects going on everywhere with everyone.
Now begins Our New Work, Our New Attitude, Our New Approach. As we approach Spring you may be feeling like I want to live this Style of Life, with this Quality and Feeling it will be Inspiring. Much of the past is gone, and cleared. Before you can have this New Approach, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, so much resentment, anger, depression, and frustration has had to come bubbling up to the surface. Supressing emotions is pretty difficult now with the energy as hard truth’s have had to have been addressed, and will continue into May. Believe or not a lot of work has been accomplished as most of you who read my notes, have been, and do the work every day.
At present changes that are now being implemented are inclusive of Heart, Wealth, Physicality, Structures, Self Worth, and a much Higher Standard of Living for Ourselves,and those around Us. In the restructuring taking place in our lives, due to the intense emotional dissatisfaction to certain things; nothing has been an easy flow, all this work is so we can get to a much easier flow and live well. In gaining momentum as your applying structure while simultaneously taking certain platforms down, releasing old habits, releasing places, people, things, emotions that have been lingering – It has been juggling act while walking a tightrope. We have turned ourselves inside out with the energy shifts we have endured. Funny thing though, they are so intense now, that I forget them once I have gone through them, and then I have room for the next giant wave. Giving Birth is never easy, and Birthing a New Earth as well as Ourselves .. is what we are doing.
Streamlining is one of the best thing you can do right now. Streamline everything. It feels good, and it will inspire you. Clearing all the clutter, whether it be things, habits, emotions no longer needed to process or hold on to, people you have outgrown, places you have outgrown – will usher in a free flow of new energies. Lot’s of work in April, lots of clean-up projects in your life, and on earth. Before we can build Unity and Unify the Collective – it starts with healing ourselves and lives first which is pretty much where the energy has been pointing to – for a very long time.
Now that we are clear about our direction, or getting clear on what we want to build going forward, while bringing joy in at the same time, there is a learning curve of Unconditional love of self, Surrender in being responsive to our truths, Releasing Judgement, instead of wanting control or somehow making it different, and finally – Union with Self. Your new Archetype, your Soul Truth, Your Essence, Your Authentic Signature of who you are.
The Surge of Ancient Lost Knowledge, Divine Lineage Divine Feminine has been flooding the planet! So many of us have had to let go of our exhaustion, fatigue, giving up, feeling depleted, angry, resentful and done with everything has had to have been addressed or needs to be addressed asap. I write for everyone here however, women have had to take the lead on this one, and because I feel everything on such a deep level, I know this hasn’t been easy. The Divine Masculine is doing the work as well, and yes we all have both Masculine and Feminine, but for a long time – women have been in their Masculine Energy. All of us through our wounds, our family lineages, have had to work out massive healing. Women moved into their Masculine Energy for Protection as many of us from Ancient Lives have endured being burned, or torn limb from limb this created a wound of Epic proportions Psychically in the Collective and Personally. The Pain and Abuse on this planet whether Ancient, or Now, Men, Women, Children, Animals, Creatures, Plants, SeaLife cannot continue. We Heal Ourselves Deeply to Heal the Planet Deeply, April brings choices on what we are doing to build Our New World, and Bring Heaven to Earth. It took all these years and cycles for the Dark to come in, now it’s taking all these years to expose, heal and dissolve all of this Insane Control, Greed and Abuse of the Old Worn Out Patriarch that created all these Systems that No Longer – Work. New Systems, New Ways are rapidly coming in and New Evolution is now the Game. I Love how so much Creative Genius and Sparks of Magic are Awakening in People!! We need this, and it’s so Incredibly Powerful!
In this uncovering time, truth time, we’ve been forced as a species to delve deeper than we ever have before. We’ve been delving deep in what seems like forever, and for some of us..it has been forever with many lives. This has begun to feel like another kind of different – this is palatable in the physical, emotional and spiritual sense. Now – we integrate all to become whole, instead of I am Spiritual, or I am not Spiritual in compartmentalizing everything Now it is Unification with ourselves as whole beings (as we always have been) Raising, Praising Mother Earth with Love, Compassion, and Fierceness to Bring about a World we can live in.
Bring Heaven to Earth – Is not an easy task, but this is where we are, and it start with ourselves first, otherwise nothing happens. Loving Mother Earth, and All Creatures that inhabit this planet – this is Divine Feminine and there is Nothing Stronger Period. Fear + Anger = Hate, and there is no room for it. We will Dissolve it.
The talk of 3D, 4D,5D, and all the coding – 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 555, will calm down. These are Ascended Masters that have come before us, helping us and speaking to us letting us know we are on track. This Energy of synchronicity is very strong in the field on the planet. We are not without help, although it may feel or look that way at times. Projecting what you want into your Energy field takes practice as does Mastering Your Energy. You cannot be thrown around by all your emotions, or drama and expect to Master your energy at the same time. First Clear, then everything comes a little easier. These energies require focus, in what you want, patience to take the time to create it, diligence in the day to day, and vision for the long term. Now you know why Streamling, and Minimalistic living is has become so important. Minimalism bring in clarity, and open space for Beauty and Inspiration – two of my all time favorite things.
Good News – Love is back – real Love in Relationships, superficial relationships will drop away, unless you insist on holding on to someone you know is not a match for you energetically or in any way then it will be extremely painful. People crave connection, intimacy, and a union for partnership with freedom to breathe, be yourself, create what you want, and allow your partner the same with respect, reverence and sacredness that comes with true unions. Expect alot of pairing this Spring these are relationships with staying power in this energy of stability, structure and love. The Summer months will bring some interesting developments, but for I will focus on April because – It is packed change, moving parts, serious decisions, new developments that you will need to pay attention to your energy in a big way. We all have tremendous tasks at hand and we will need to continuously Prioritize where our Energy is going. Discipline, Rest Meditation, is important. Look at any Capricorn you know – they pretty much have it down as they understand the Energy of Saturn- You might even want to ask them how they accomplish all that they do and get some advice on how to better structure things in your life. You can look to Scorpios to learn how not be fearful of your own power, Scorps have it down, they don’t flinch no matter how deep the waters get. I know only too well as a Scorp Rising.
April will still challenge our freedom on the outside level, you need to be aware, and mindful as things reveal themselves. This month needs to be taken seriously as it is a time of important choices, and a preparation for May where we settle into our new beginnings. We do not come fully out of Mercury Retrograde shadow til May. On a side note, Retrogrades are a Gift from the Universe as much as they are trying at times depending on the sign they are in, try to understand – it gives us a breather to redo, revisit, regain our strength. Retrogrades are just a different way of working with energies. But, as not to digress..
Earth changes will continue. Crypto Currencies will continue. Change in powerful ways, shocking ways, disturbing ways, will continue, but we know this by now, we just don’t know how as so much is unpredictable, hence the intense, rapid healing, awakening so we are equipped and up to the task. If you notice the energies have been teaching us big lessons over the years in intuitive and instinctive movement from the heart not the head. The Energy of Capricorn where Saturn is is slow moving, Taurus is also very slow moving, but Uranus the planet of shock, and surprise is moving in and to me – this is Earth being Shaken. It is also the Financial World being Overhauled. This will be another Note.
The siege on our freedom to enslave our minds will continue. It will all depend on where you are putting your focus, and how you are managing your energy and new structures meant to be built to sustain us. We are all learning. The more you clear what is not needed – the lighter you are, with a twist in April as everything will become Extremely physical. So whereas, Spirituality has us not so in touch, as we learned we are spiritual beings – now comes Physicality in our bodies, homes, structures with such a different feeling. This Earthliness comes in due to Saturn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn – Earth, and Uranus coming into Taurus Earth. A time of building, structure, financial wealth, and a life you want to be living under the influence of great changes and restructures.
I guess I will close with saying, try not to get caught up in politics as it will only tie up your energy. Try not to get caught up in Spirituality gone crazy and off the rails – meaning conspiracy theories, aliens, 3d, 5d, cults, or gurus unless you have the time to really research them deeply and come to your own conclusions. I download my own information always, it was definitely part of my Initiation and I continue to do so as much as I can. I think I was 3 the first time I knew that I knew. There is a Knowing within. I ask, I ask again, I get frustrated, I get angry, I cry, I get confused, I meditate, I pray, I sleep, I stay connected even when I don’t understand I always hear the answers, the truth, I am always Grateful even when I forget to say it. When I ask Spirit how to move forward, Spirit, Mother Mary, The Divine never let me down because Divinity is in me -It is in all of us. When your head gets flooded go within, drop your head into your heart. Listen to your body, your being, bring in your ascended masters, angels, loved one on the other side. Get into your eating, food is big with Taurus. Do take up some new spiritual practices that work for you, this is big with Scorpio, so is sharing resources. Do pay attention to your home and environment as Taurus loves this. Do find new ways too look at Money as it is energy. Do focus on seeing yourself already living the life you want, having your bills paid, being in the shape you want to be in. Do pay attention to the Divinity flooding the planet, regardless of Religion. Do pay attention to your Dreams, and what you aspire to, and are inspired by. Do pay attention to the people who love you and who you love, the one who support your growth, and new life. None of us can do anything alone. We are meant to support, love, and assist each other and we have been exhausted. This is a lot for sure, but Love moves us forward Divinity moves us allow it to Live in You and you will find your way. It’s when you cut-off from yourself that you cannot find your way. Don’t shut down, stay open to whomever you call God, and The Divine Feminine that is re-entering the planet on a level that is Incredible and so Utterly Amazing and Beautiful. The Energy is very cohesive now in terms of gaining traction to actually build something, where it really hasn’t been for several years. It’s been rocky in so many ways, but now comes some stability, ironically with earth changes, and work. It comes with the necessary breakdown of systems, the uncovering of terrible inhuman behavior all of this has to be revealed, has to be uncovered, so that in the openness, the transparency all can be Healed. The gears are moving, and clicking into place. I can only hope in sharing some of this information it helps in someway in your life.
With Love, Peace & Prosperity Kim


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