“BeautyBe ” In this Session we go into your “Beauty” Essence” Who Are You Really? Don’t be surprised if past life visions come up to compliment your real style now in Modern Time. We have so much untapped potential and power.

You will Emerge Beautiful, Luminous, and Empowered in who you are to your Top Level of the Beauty you are. Included in this session is mediation, & your astrological blueprint/chart – and it’s all about your Beauty, your Style, your Essence that you bring the world with you own exquisite Unique Signature .  This Exciting  and Innovative are two key words for the next eight years. Your going to want to get  this moving for 2019 and onward.

A Brand New You!  Energetically Ready, and Gorgeous because your comfortable in your Skin and Being like you’ve never felt before.



30 Minutes – $200  |  45 Minutes – $250  |  60 Minutes – $300

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