Uranus makes it’s way back into Taurus for the next eight years – Everything will be about our Bodies – Our Energy Frequency and our Nervous System and as our DNA changes into more Luminous Lighter Beings.

In this session I work with your and  your body looking in at possible blocks to your luminousity, and your essence to allow your body to communicate what it wants, and what it needs to feel fully whole, nourished and revived.

The purpose of this is so you can feel fully in your body.  I will work with you on you managing your frequency/energy so you are empowered, and ready for the changes coming 2019. I will teach you to communicate with your body, to bring Harmony, Peace and Love. The Body will be everything for the next eight years in profound ways in performance, eating, and managing your energetic structure. . You literally can bring in a whole new body for yourself given how the energies work on the planet.

Your will feel Replenished and Quenched. This is the first time on Earth this has ever been possible.


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30 Minutes – $200  |  45 Minutes – $250  |  60 Minutes – $300

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