Sakina is a word that means  Peace, Tranquility & Serenity

These days – let’s face it The Modern Muse has alot on her plate, global warming, making a difference, living authentically, syncing up to your being to be  effective, productive, and grounded all in taking care of the day to day.  All while wanting to go play and live in the essence of our  feminine spirit!  Sakina which means tranquility is a little bottle of magic, that can be carried in your bag for a quick dose of love, confidence, escape, focus or whatever else the day may bring. These sprays are like a mini-spa without a trip to the spa – go ahead spray away and find your bliss, your magic, your zen ~ Kimlovemuse


Peace & tranquility are essential to bring us to our indwelling nature.  I feel it was important  to create something beautiful, playful,  and a tool for everyday living.   Sakina came through to me in a dream, and then kept coming through in my meditations.  As a  Clairvoyant , I was and still am, continually  seeking quiet time, meditation time, bath time, always seeking to replenish my spirit, and feminine energy due to the enormous  amount  of energy given out in each of my sessions with clients.  Psychics live in more of the Supernatural world, and so everything is magnified so we need to carefully take care of our energy ~ we usually learn this the hard way, however it is actually a very important factor in any kind of healing work.  As you have noticed the world has become a lot louder, more abrasive, quicker, more demanding, alot  people are living in fear, or anger, and everything seems  to be much more unpredictable.  I feel like my Energy Sprays had their perfect timing for right now, in these changing times.  I am a natural alchemist, and  so I am really excited to share my Energy Sprays, and other products.

My first  inclination was to develop one for Love, then Balance, then Sleep and Dream, and finally Focus now I am on to several more as people love them!

I love essential oils.  They are an ancient recipe used for thousands of years for natural healing. They be  used for hundred of different purposes, I’ve been using them for years. As a healer essential oils are a must have in the home, but I also carry them with me. Now I’ve designed away for you to easily carry or travel with my beautiful product.  This product is very special to me- it’s has taken me three years to develop, and I am continuing to develop new healing scents for your well being.  You will love them, they are fun, easy, and a mini spa in two seconds for whatever ails you in the midst of a quick spray.  Spray, Breathe, Relax ahhh., yes it is that simple.

Being a healer on the front lines and change in the world, and having to be a forerunner for people, I have watched “Spa Living”  go from a luxury idea and morph into  now a mandatory wellness path for people.  Spa Living, along with yoga, meditation  have  become a lifestyle now.   We are living in the awareness of the raising of consciousness, and sharing information in so many way to take care of our well being.

I originally launched my produced at the Soho House in New York, and got a great response, and it was a fun event.  I was a designer from the days of the Fashion Institute, and the downtown Soho lifestyle, I worked for Ralph Lauren, did a few of my own design products, traveled, and then got more into counselling,  and healing with people. Being a Designer, and a Healer has always been my two worlds crossing. It was an unusual mix.   The tangible and the abstract.  I have always lived  in both.  Since one my main focuses is to assist and guide people in developing their gifts and abilities, and work with the mystery to uncover people’s talents to create extensions of yourself, your passions, your artistry, I thought well I need to be doing this as well.

I always loved design ~ any kind packaging, pillows, clothes, and mixing beautiful potions for replenishment, beauty, well being.  Sakina Energy Sprays are  something tangible I can share for beauty, inspiration, and healing.

I write  “Energy Notes” every month  which is a monthly blog that I started in 2009 to assist people in navigating through changing energies that have been , and still are moving so quickly on the planet.  Back in the day, no one believed me, no one would listen to me.  finally I feel like people are beginning to understand that change we are in because now they can see it with their own eyes and are experiencing for themselves.

Adding my sprays to my Psychic Artistry seemed a natural way to evolve.  Adding to my brand of wellness to encourage people to learn to embrace the balance & peace  within themselves was organic in moving forward.

.Sakina Energy Sprays will bring this into your life with ease and grace, you can use them morning, noon, and night. and in seconds care for your emotional and physical well being without alot of effort and experience powerful effects.

I hope you enjoy my beautiful scents, more are on the way.

Replenish your Spirit & Hydrate your Soul with Sakina!

Check out House of Sakina for all these luminous products.


With Love Kim Kamilla

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